dear juliet,
i know
i understand
the way you felt
torn apart
from the only thing
that meant everything.
dear juliet,
that balcony
that garden
have never looked so familiar
i've been there
late at night
but all the while
in love.
dear juliet,
it makes sense now
all of it
why you ran
why you hid
why you fought
why you suffered
i'd do the same
am doing the same
for him
my romeo.
dear juliet,
i'm sorry
they got in the way
and shoved
into the middle
of your mind
of your heart
filled your young head with doubts
so undeserving
of their judgement
of their persecution
as am i.
dear juliet,
i want
more than anything
to run
and never look back
to just be us
no interruptions
no complications
the way it should be
but as you proved...
stories like ours
only end in tragedy.
dear juliet,
i wish you were here.

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